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At English For Kids our commitment is to empower children through learning the English language.


We achieve this through properly structured programs where we seek to promote the learning of values through each activity .

It contributes to the comprehensive training of Venezuelan children and youth through the necessary and timely teaching of the English language, so that children can expand their cultural and civic vision.

It is aimed at creating virtual educational spaces where children can develop comprehensively through learning English.


"Being part of this great team is wonderful. The work is enjoyable and sharing with the students is magnificent. A great job."

Adolfo Ortuño- Facilitator

  • The program consists of 3 modules.

  • Each module lasts for 16 weeks.

  • Each module contains 8 learning units.

  • Every two weeks students are assessed to check their progress.

  • Learning is measured through digital platforms such as Google Classroom and WhatsApp to guarantee interaction and learning.

  • Each facilitator academically supports 8 to 10 students.

  • The children participate in monthly online workshops focused on personal development, technology, leadership, recycling and art.

  • Online lessons are delivered via Zoom (1 hour per week).

  • At the end of each module, students participate in a closing ceremony where they have to demonstrate what they have learned to sponsors, parents, teachers, and followers on Facebook and Instagram.

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