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Sponsor a child

Through English For Kids and the Engagement Foundation you can make the dream of a child in Latin America come true, giving them the opportunity to learn the English language and enter a world of many possibilities!

With only

CAD $25/ USD $20

a month you can

make it possible!

What is English For Kids?

English For Kids Ve is an educational program of Engagement Foundation.


Thanks to the team of facilitators, volunteers and allies, we accompany students in learning the English language and seek to strengthen citizen values in children with completely free English classes.

Who will you benefit?

To low-income children from 8 to 12 years old located at 8 Latin American countries.


Until today we have benefited more than 700 students.

We have students in these countries

What does sponsorship cover?

Utiles escolares 1
Acompañamiento pedagogico 1
Taller de las ODSs

Sponsor (10) kids

CAD $3,000 / USD $2,400

Sponsor (20) kids

CAD $6,000 / USD $4,800

Sponsor (30) kids

CAD $9,000 / USD $7,500

Sponsor a cycle (6 months)

CAD $18,000 / USD $15,000

Option 1

Give 10 tablets to 10 students

CAD $1,300 / USD $1,000

Option 2

Give 20 tablets to 20 students

CAD $2,600 / USD $2,000

Technological Support

  • Donation receipt for taxes

  • Virtual Graduation Invitation

  • Annual Thank You Letter for a Recipient

  • Newsletter with quarterly advance every four months

  • Advertising in RRSS

Benefits for the company

Special Sponsorship Packages

Thanks for getting here!

It's wonderful that your company support
the education of 
young kids in Latin America! 

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